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Visit Paris on a Php 50,000 Budget

Before I travelled to the EU, I have read many comments from people who’ve been to Paris about it being beyond expensive, hyped-up and most of all, overrated. And that there are other places in Europe worth seeing than Paris. Why is this so, when almost all of “my trusted travel websites” say Paris is one of the best travel destinations ever? I know right? Welcome to the Internet! If you dream of seeing Paris at least once in your life and you've read similar negative comments about Paris, don’t fret! It’s just their opinion anyway. It will not change the naked truth - there is but one Paris!
6 of 21 Days in Europe We’ve been to 10 European cities and it’s hard to explain why Paris remains as our favorite city. It has its fair share on vandalism, rubbish, scams, overpriced food and rowdy tourists. To me, Paris seems more beautiful than Amsterdam. Then when I saw Prague, Venice, Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Budapest, I thought they were more beautiful. But when we came back to Pa…

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