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The Long Way to Onuk Island

Gone are the days when it's free to enter Onuk island. The articles I’ve read online say that guests used to secure a permit in the tourism office and hire a boatman to get there. Because of the approval process, not everyone's lucky to see Onuk, they say. But on March 2017, the island was opened to the public with a fee of 3,000-5,000 pesos per person. Visitors must contact the owner of Balabac directly. No need to reach out to tour operators as he himself gives the approval.

In case you haven't read anything about Onuk yet, Google Earth “Roughton Island”. It's that small, turquoise island found at the southernmost tip of Palawan. And by actually comparing its topology from a normal island, you would know what kind of beauty to expect.
The rest of this entry is about the beautiful Onuk island and the level of effort we took to get there (that’s butt-coma if I may put it in fewer words).

The journey started at San Jose Terminal in Puerto. After disembarking the van that …

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