Cheaper Flights from Manila to Paris

Quaint. Attractively unusual. Are you ready for your dream trip to Paris?

I have searched for the cheapest Manila to Paris flight that we can possibly get for the last quarter of 2015. For the record, the cheapest I saw was through Saudia Airlines, roundtrip with a stopover in Jeddah; the fare was around 26,000 php. What a deal! However, it was booked 1 year in advance, even before “they” have secured a Schengen Visa.

That’s quite a risk.

I was sure it was a promo fare; but I cannot confirm if it was refundable should their visa be refused. Anyway, if you’re not willing to take the risk, here’s how you can still get a “cheaper” airfare 2 months before your flight! Remember, you can only lodge your application to the embassy 90 days before your trip. Meaning, you will only have around 2.5 months to buy a ticket. And as usual, fares could get higher when the date is closer to today.

Even before we applied for a Schengen visa, research led me to believe - you can fly to Paris for less than 30,000 php. Contrary to the popular belief that a ticket to Europe would cost 40,000 to 70,000 php.

Use Google Flights and Skyscanner, but…

Both have a lot of options for the cheapest flights and alternative carriers. But be aware that there can be hidden charges especially on bookings made through third-party sites. Sometimes, 5,000 php may be added before checkout! This can vary between websites offering the discounted fare. To get rid of the “hidden charges”, I booked directly with Vietnam Airlines over phone. I called them and politely asked if I can buy the discounted fare posted in Skyscanner (via some AsiaTravel page). Although it took the agent quite a while to get the approval over phone, she really did her best to make it possible!

Try to Visit the Travel Expos in SMX

We have also tried our luck on big travel expos held in SMX. Unfortunately, the event was full of tour agencies offering overpriced European tours. You can get discounted airfares. But still, they are not that cheap. The tour offerings were also mediocre, imo.

Our little trick? A layover in Kuala Lumpur!

Air Asia + Vietnam Airlines + Cebu Pacific = ~30,000 php

Air Asia
2,500 php
Vietnam Airlines
KUL - CDG (via SGN)
25,000 php (520 usd)
Cebu Pacific
2,500 php

Slight disadvantages: 

1. Two, short layovers (KL and Saigon) - no visa needed, unlike stopovers in China and Middle East where you may need to apply for a transit visa

2. If Air Asia is delayed, pray that you will still catch your Paris flight. You can get earlier MNL - KUL flights to reduce the risk of missed connection. Check with your insurance provider if they can cover you on this possibility.

3. Layovers and flight connections can be exhausting.

4. But hey, Paris is going to be your first and last destination. Isn’t it chic?!

Other affordable flights for Manila to Paris (28,000 - 36,000 php)

- China Eastern (via Shanghai)
- China Southern (via Shanghai)
- Qatar Airways (via Kuala Lumpur)
- Etihad Airways (via Kuala Lumpur)

Entry to other EU countries where there are usually low fares

- Manila to Amsterdam - Etihad and China Airlines
- Manila to Milan - Etihad
- Manila to Rome - China Eastern

Note that open-jaw tickets (i.e., MNL-CDG-FCO-MNL) can be more expensive than round trip tickets.

Prices would always vary and fluctuate

By all means, we cannot predict how airlines gamble their prices in the market. We are merely spectators, trying to score a chance on discounted fares. A 4,000 php difference on the cost would mean a lot especially if you are traveling with a partner. Had I not known of Vietnam Airlines, we probably would not have experienced a Gondola ride in Venice or booked a charming hotel in Budapest. Layovers are annoying but rewards can loom from a few inconveniences!

Your turn, guys. What was the cheapest Manila to Europe ticket you've known of so far?

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  1. I think we landed to that same blog that had 25k flight via saudia. I've been wanting to go to paris but the airfare is a big turn down. Glad to know I can go for 30k! It's not cheap, but fairly reasonable. thank you! please post your itinerary

    1. It's hard to get a cheap flight from Manila, 2 months before your trip.
      So yea, if you don't mind a little layover in KL, you can save around 5,000 to 10,000php

      And I will post the itinerary soon! :D

    2. Hi! I want to to go to Paris, France also to propose to my girlfriend at the Eiffel Tower. May I know where to look for your itinerary? :) Thank you!

  2. agree, SMX wont help if you want cheap long haul flights. i didnt know traveling to KL first will cut the cost! how was your experience with vietnam airlines? in-flight entertainment, legroom and food?

    1. I remember the travel expo had Qatar, Turkish, Korean Air and Cathay. They had discounted fares around 40,000php. Not bad for really good airlines!

      Re: Vietnam airlines
      I'm 5'4", and the legroom was okay for me. I was able to sleep comfortably during the 13hr flight. I enjoyed their appetizers a lot (different Vietnamese salads), main course and dessert were mediocre though. They had good movies, mp3 and mini games. I didn't expect much but for a 520USD flight, they exceeded my expectation.

  3. Hello! I badly need your advice po. Is it possible if I book a flight first from Philippines to Hongkong. Then Hongkong to Italy?
    because I saw cheaper flights from HKD to ITALy. I am planning to stay in Italy for 16 days. Is it okay to book MNL to HKD then return ko after 16 days? THANKS


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