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“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us” - Helen Keller

Isn’t it sad that we live in a society of expectations? All the world's like a stage and we are merely roleplayers. At home, we are a child; in the office, a colleague; in a coffee shop, a friend. Everyday we have unwritten rules about how to behave. It’s as if there’s always an absolute way to do things. And in this world full of critics, we are presumed to conform to the expectations of others. Most of the time, when you are stuck in this mindset you end up convincing yourself that you needed a diversion. Isn’t it that when you contemplate, to travel is the first reaction, usually? Not saying that travel is always the perfect way to deflect negativity. Point is, it’s one of the reasons why I think travel is a beautiful thing…

Travel is not for everyone.

It takes a special kind of person who can cope with sharing one bathroom with ten strangers, a tough stomach to eat the unfamiliar food, the fearlessness to jump off a cliff, and having to force one’s self to go out of her comfort zone. Not everyone wants that, and that’s okay! Travel constantly challenges you to be tougher. It expands your mind and gives you a perspective that nothing else can. And if you hate it…

You’ll be back home soon.

But when they say, “There’s no going back. Only forward.” That’s only half right. If you hate travel, you can always go back home. People always talk about leaving, but what about coming home? I have always loved going on a week off to travel and then come home to share my experiences - especially the bizarre and the ridiculous. I love going home to my cats. I love everything about coming home, especially when I realize how a part of me had changed since I left. Travel makes me appreciate home and family more than ever.

You know that a relationship that survives travel is a firm one.

Be it with your friends or your better half. The truth is not so unusual. When you travel, there are thrilling elements that fire your relationship. You share a common goal to see the world together. You fight but you eventually learn to adjust to each other’s limitations. Your relationship grows on vacation in a way that it can’t at home. And most especially, experiencing something new together creates a special memory that is unique to your bond.

Travel gives you space.

Traveling opens your mind because it allows you to grow beyond that blank wall in front of you. It gives you time to ponder. But most of the time, travel for me becomes more therapeutic when you do not think about your problems at all.

Suddenly, you realize you are not that young anymore.

It’s the same with places. How many of us go back to our favorite destination after many years and realized that it isn’t the same anymore? That’s what I like (and do not like) about traveling. There is no guarantee that places will ever look exactly the same again. Basically, time flies, you grow older, people move-on with their lives, and you realize how lucky you are to see how change unfolds in this world. For better or worse.

Bottom line 

Travel lets you de-stress and gets you back to the basics of enjoying the good things about life. However, it can be uncomfortable and it can be an ultimate test to someone’s character. It can also push you to question your perception of the world. But overall, travel gives us unique experiences to inspire others, and it gives us a deeper appreciation of life and the incredibly fragile place that we live in.

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  1. Hi! A friend of mine posted a link to one of your Maldives articles on Facebook and after reading that I browsed a bit around your blog. Couldn't leave without writing a quick note to say I love your blog and I love your perspectives about travel. Your "travel ≠ competition" especially caught my eye -- that's so true! The less we compare our experiences with others, the happier we will be. Best of luck to you and your blog, and happy travels! -Gaya

    1. OMG!!! You're the blogger behind smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains.com? OMG! Hi, Gaya. Kinilig ako!
      Thank you for your kind words. I didn't know people would love my blog, 'cause it kinda looks empty and plain. So yea, I have yet another reason to share my travelogues!

      travel ≠ competition, this has always been my "word". Travel is a gift, meant to be shared. Not be bragged about.

      Thank you, Gaya! :)

      I'm one of your readers <3

    2. Really? Yay, thank you! :) Your blog doesn't look plain at all -- I love that there's a lot of white space because that allows the focus to be on your content. And I personally value sincerity in a blogger -- when you write from the heart and from a genuine desire to share info and help people, and not just try to be viral -- and that shines in your posts. Haha, medyo cheesy na, but you know what I mean! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Sweet! Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog. Happy travels to you, Danica! :)


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