Photo Blog: What’s Venice Without A Ride on A Gondola?

Our first night in Venice was a mess.

I was aware that the water buses in Venice are shockingly expensive. A standard one-way fare costs €7,50 (₱420). So to avoid paying for the water bus, we walked the streets of Venice with our 25kg suitcases. Aaand... it’s a trap! I didn't remember that Venice has so many canals. Therefore people need bridges to cross them. And by bridges, I meant bridges that have stairs! Just imagine carrying a heavy suitcase up and down on so many staircases. Repeatedly. Endlessly. So much pagod. Venice: 1; Us: 0.

Venice is romantic, mysterious and one of a kind.

And very expensive. It took me a lot of convincing before I finally said "K, fine." to ride a gondola. Not so sure if a “worm’s eye view” of the canals and beautiful terraces mattered. I thought that it would be just the same as walking on the ground from one alley to another. But for the quintessential Venetian experience, okay. And a (slightly) serenaded gondola ride on the canals of Venice? Why not!

The city of Venice sets official rates for gondola rides at €80 (₱4,500) for 40 minutes. I know guys, it’s super expensive. But where else in the world can you have an authentic Venetian gondola experience? Let me tell you this, Venice got me emotionally affected that I totally forgot about how much we paid. It easily became one of our most treasured experiences in Europe! Kalash and I have an almost inexplicable infatuation with Venice. Let me share to you how beautiful Venice is with its gondolas.

Eat the spaghetti to forgetti your regretti. You may have the entire universe if I may have Italy.

The Venetian Gondola Experience in 12 Photos

1. At Pont Del Ferali looking for cheaper gondola rides to no avail. 80 euros is fixed.

2. One of the busy streets of Venice where people lined up to experience the Venetian gondola. If you want to skip the line, there are other areas where you can rent one. Just look around!

3. View from one of the many bridges of Venice

4. Gondola parking in front of Doge's Palace

5. This was me in one of the prettiest spots in Venice!

6. Some chic building along the canal. And the (€7,50) water bus in front of it!

7. At the Grand Canal!

8. If I'm not mistaken, this is the famous Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

9. Truth is, mej mahirap mag selfie sa gondola. Because, shaky :P

10/11. Approaching the narrow canals

12. Finally, my favorite photo of the grand canal!

The Gondola Traghetto

Traghetto means "ferry" in Italian. If you find the gondola ride very expensive, the traghetto can be an alternative. The boat still looks like a gondola but you have to stand when riding it. It’s the locals’ mode of transportation when crossing the Grand Canal as there are only four bridges along its 3.5 km length. As tourists, we are expected to pay €2 for a very short ride, nearly three times the resident rate of 70 cents.

That’s it! I hope you guys got a little inspiration from our photos! :D Ciao!

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