All About Crystal Beach During the Monsoon Season

One Tuesday morning, we just found ourselves lounging by the beach, eating siomai. No one was there except us maybe because it was a Tuesday or maybe because it was typhoon season.

Crystal Beach! It’s the resort with huts arranged similar to that of Panglao, Bohol. Located in San Narciso, Zambales, you can reach the place even without a car. We woke up past 4am to pack our things and made our way to Victory Liner Terminal in Cubao (opposite of Five Star Bus Terminal). The first trip to Iba, Zambales was 6.30am, so we were able to eat breakfast nearby.

Because of mandatory passenger pickup and drop off, it took us 5 hours to reach San Narciso (used to be 4 hours for San Felipe Liw-liwa which is just a town away). It was already lunchtime when we arrived! We took the trike to Crystal Beach, 10 minutes ride for ₱15 per person and voila! We’re there, baby.

We were told by the receptionist that there’s a 20% discount promo that week, so instead of ₱1,700, we only paid around ₱1,300 for a Kubo (fan room). We didn’t bring our tent because the forecast said there’s going to be a heavy thunderstorm. But in case you want to camp, the fee is around ₱500 per person if you have you’re own tent. I must say their rates are kind of pricey but the ₱1,300 we paid already had free breakfast. Not bad.

The resort was too big for the 2 of us so we had the whole place for our music, hammock and slackline. There was no swimming pool but the campground was really big - perfect for team buildings. I read that they limit the camping to 400 persons during peak and it’s hard to get a reservation in Crystal Beach. So if you insist, try to go there during weekdays!

Contact number of Crystal Beach: 941-9004

They are NOT responsive to FB queries, so try calling them through this landline. Also, they don’t accept reservations through phone even if it’s low season. You have to reserve through their website or try your luck and walk-in.

Expenses for this quick beach fix

  • Victory Liner Bus to San Narciso (and return) → ₱310 x 2 
  • Trike to the resort (and return) → ₱15 x 2 
  • Kubo fan room in Crystal → ₱1,300 
  • Food → ₱200/meal (if you dine in the resort) 
It was raining so I wasn't able to take the best photos! But here are some snaps of an empty Crystal Beach during rainy season. What a beautiful and calm place to spend a rainy day!