Happy Two Years, Dear Blog

When I tell people that I started blogging only to learn (Java) scripting for work, that’s just half true. The other half of the truth is, ever since a one of a kind trip to Burma (2013), I’ve been wanting to have a real travel blog. You know, the one with a *.com domain. Few attempts since, I created a blog named, Twosome Travelogue in 2014. It was so bad that I would cringe whenever I see it. But in my defense, I was young and dumb back then. 6 short posts and I stopped. But hey, several international trips later, here we are!

March 2016, the year that was. Oh hey, dear blog!

Dear Blog,

It was a bittersweet 2 years, wasn’t it?

Almost a million blog views on 33 published posts, 1026 followers on Facebook and a mysterious 4 million views on Google Plus for 2 years, we’re still not earning! But I am not complaining because deym, where would a 33-article blog site would take us anyway? We’ve never thought of getting such attention yet here we are, just grateful. Inspiring and negative comments welcomed, several email exchanges archived, Facebook comments missed at times. And now, 1 email finally hit us... it was time to let you go.

Will you stay, or will you runaway?

Remember the Maldives post that we shared on a whim in a Facebook travel group? We stayed the night trying to see how many times people shared and retweeted what we thought was a blogpost that had no meaning in this world. And we did it again, a month after, on that Paris on a Budget article! The numbers were not as high as that of Maldives (post), but man, travellers loved you, didn’t they? Yet, it was time to let you go.

Dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind. I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since your first days.

Yet, here I am trying to let you go. Where you moving?

Can’t you stay? Forever?

Aaaaaagghhhh. I know, so corny.

Yes everybody, this is how an I.T. person romanticize a domain/blog hosting renewal haha!

Sad truth. Lately, I was thinking of letting go of this space in the Internet. Because honestly, I’ve not done a great job with updating and feeding it with good travel articles. It’s no longer earning, and the visit stats had already dropped. The earnings part was just a plus on my blog’s first year because I really love to write and take beautiful photos. Never in one second that I ever thought of this blog space as a waste. I love it, and when I see my old posts, I sometimes couldn’t believe that I wrote them.

But yasss, I decided to renew its domain hosting for another year!

Hashtag #priorities. Hashtag #bills.

Year 3 and A New Layout!

It’s been a month, I think, since I changed my blog’s layout of 2 years. With an intent to have a more clean feed! Also to give more space for our beautiful photos. Ah, I also removed the annoying ads! If you happen to see one, it’s probably because I’m testing something related to Google Ads. And just like 2 years ago, my page will forever be mobile-friendly! What else, the page should load faster, scrolling should be smoother and navigations more clear. I’ve used an official Google template and tweaked it for better browsing experience.

Although I have no recent travels since NYC, I know this blog will survive despite the lack of attention that I’m giving it. For sure, I’ll be able to write more than 12 articles this year (I know, what a shame, 2017). So I hope you don’t get tired of my blog! 
Last but not the least.

I would like to tell everybody how I appreciate all the love we've shared for 2 years! I may not be as good as others who blog, but I know that what we share is something beautiful.

You know what it is. Keep it burning. Our next adventure awaits!

Happy two years, dear blog. My one. My only. My One Week to Travel.

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