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There are many of us who totally disagree with the corporate world. We see the same people everyday, sit at the same desk in the office working extremely hard. If your attitude towards work is negative at the moment, try to think of the benefits. I used to think that if I quit my job and travel the world, it would be the best life decision ever. I have not succumbed to that idea any longer because I realized that’s not the way life works for me. That’s not reality. I don't have a house or a car to sell, no tons of money to spend. I just have a corporate job and an insatiable appetite for travel and technology.

You do not have to quit your corporate job to travel the world. Call it quits, you have 15 Philippine holidays, 52 weekends and probably 15 vacation leaves each year to spend! Do you want to travel for a while? Awesome!

If you have only one week to travel, I hope this blog will help you to spend your time off wisely, negotiate for more PTO (and actually use it) and make travel a priority. And while it's good to have a day doing nothing, please don't do it every weekend. Think travel is best enjoyed in balance with other life activities.

I have always believed that life, like travel, is not a tally of what you’ve seen and where you’ve been. It’s how meaningful that moment was when you saw it. Whether you travel full-time or work 9 to 5 and travel when you can, just never stop exploring the world around you! Travel doesn’t have to mean the other side of the world, you know. 

Your friend who secretly wants to quit her job to travel the world ;)

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